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Automotive & Industrial Lubricants & Asphalts
 Industrial Lubricants, Fluids,Oil & Greases


Visa Petrochemical delivers a complete line of Petro-Canada fluids, oils and lubricants for your compressor, hydraulic, natural gas engine and turbine needs.
We also provide specialty fluids for metal working and rock drills. Whether you need an environmentally-sensitive hydraulic fluid, lubrication for steam and gas turbines, or a food-grade heat transfer fluid, we have the product that’s right for your operation

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     Automotive Lubricants & Oil


Visa Petrochemical supplies Petro-Canada superior automotive and heavy duty commercial engine oils and transmission fluids help keep the vehicles and equipment in your fleet running. We deliver performance lubricants for transmissions, drive trains and small or large engines. All of our fluids meet or exceed manufacturers' specifications, giving you more performance…and confidence.

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     Base Oils & White Mineral Oils


Visa Petrochemical supplies Base Oil, Wax and White Mineral Oil from Petro-Canada who are the largest white mineral oil manufacturer in the world. Our source of Petro-Canada's white mineral oil is its own base oil supply, an extremely pure base mineral oil, produced using a patented HT purity process. These oils deliver amongst the highest standards of purity and quality to meet the white mineral oil requirements of various industries such as: Health and Beauty; Pharmaceuticals; Adhesives; Plastics and Elastomers; Agriculture and Additional Markets such as Textiles, Animal Feeds and Furniture Polish

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Industrial Greases & Oil

Whatever the application and condition, Visa Petrochemical supplies  Petro-Canada multi-application greases, mining greases and specialty greases that provide exceptional protection for your plant machinery and automated lubrication systems,  on-road or off-road vehicles and Equipment, drilling and mobile equipment in the mining industry..We export our top-quality greases to almost every corner of the globe. Whether it’s the sub-arctic conditions of a northern mine or a plant floor, we have a product specially formulated for your industry.

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High Grade Food Lubricants

Visa Petrochemical supplies food-grade lubricants and greases that fits perfectly into a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) and GMP plan, and carry a full set of food-grade lubricant and grease credentials including NSF H1 lubricants with incidental contact requirements.

Petro-Canada's PURITY™ food-grade lubricants are designed for many applications in food processing plants. These specially formulated food-grade lubricants are effective under severe food processing operating conditions — from food acids and juices to by-products and temperature swings.

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Speciality Fluids & Non Lubricants
Visa Petrochemical supplies  you with the best in specialty fluids to meet the diverse needs of your industry  with Petro-Canada Compressor Cleaner; Concrete Form Oils;  Drill Mud Fluid Base; Dust Suppressant Fluid; Heat Transfer Fluids; Horticultural Spray Oil; and Transformer Fluids which help you keep your operation delivering as it should. From sprays and oils that control dust and kill pests, to fluids that electrically insulate and transfer heat, the purity of our products sets us apart.

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Our Promise Delivery Service
UK Distribution & Service Centre

Visa Petrochemical distribute Petro-Canada Lubricants, Oils and Greases from Rowley Regis Warehouse throughout the UK

·         Delivery From Stock Within 72 Hours
From our extensively stocked warehouse we deliver product within 72 hours

·         Major Supplier of High Quality Branded Petro-Canada Automotive Lubricants
Visa Petrochemical stock a wide range of automotive lubricants from most of the major manufactures within the industry

·         Major Supplier of High Quality Branded Petro-Canada Industrial Lubricants
As a major supplier of industrial metal working fluids to the aerospace and engineering industry Visa Petrochemical have a wealth of products and experience of this industry

·         Environmental Services
Visa Petrochemical offer a full environmental package which includes the disposal of waste oil.

·         Technical Services
As part of our committed lubricant supply chain we pride ourselves on having the ability to deliver a full technical support service

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Premium Cold Asphalt

EZ Street Premium Cold Asphalt

EZ Street is a polymer-modified cold asphalt guaranteed to permanently repair potholes, utility cuts, overlays, and edge repairs in asphalt or concrete. EZ Street is currently being used by State DOT's across the country in bulk and bag form. Not only does EZ Street work in ALL weather conditions, it even works in water.

EZ Street cold patch asphalt is easy to apply and requires no mixing or tack coat. Simply sweep the area, fill the area with EZ Street cold patch asphalt and compact with a shovel or car tire. It really is EZ!

Features include:

  • Guaranteed permanent
  • Works in water and ALL weather conditions
  • Potholes, utility cuts, overlays, edge repairs, etc.
  • Consumer lab tested and approved
  • No mixing, no tack
  • Available in bulk or bags
  • Instantly ready for traffic

35lb/15kg Bags

50lb/22kg Bags

Bulk Sacks

Loose Bulk

Introducing Hybrid Technology™

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     Industries We Service with our High Quality Lubricants & Oils


Visa Petrochemical, UK based Supplier of Petro-Canada lubricants, fuels and fuel additives. We supply and distribute over 350 innovative Petro-Canada lubricants, specialty fluids and greases to customers in a diverse range of industries.


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Hybrid Cold Asphalt



Factoid: So, you might be asking – how much oil am I really saving with this?
Well – if we patched all of New York City's potholes with EZ Street Hybrid Technology™ – we would help save the system over 1000 barrels of crude a year – or about 16,000 gallons of gasoline a year. Last time we checked, potholes don't travel south for winter, which means, that if we did this for ten years, well, you get the picture. Oh – did we mention that we can do this today – at no extra cost, and no capital investment, or up front costs for any city, AND improve the longevity of the potholes patched – thus resulting in even more fuel savings. Hey – It's a great start in getting to that place … EZ Street cold asphalt.


Don't forget your fruits and vegetables! In response to the global demands put on the oil industry – EZ Street cold asphalt is now serving up a much more balanced diet.
For those who are wishing to live a bit healthier street life – we've developed a way to squeeze some very nutritional components from nature's best – and formulated exceptional performance driven alternatives to help power our EZ Street Hybrid Technology™ – resulting in a significant decrease in our dependence on petroleum.
Many of you know EZ Street cold asphalt for its 13+ year reputation of delivering one of the finest cold asphalt patching materials in the industry. As a permanent repair, its usage has helped many state, county, and city officials conquer their pothole woes, from New York City to Sydney, Australia, by using the finest ingredients and manufacturing techniques in its product.
EZ Street Hybrid Technology™ is a new formulation of EZ Street cold asphalt, leveraging modern recycling techniques and the latest in alternative fuel sources. Through research and development – we have been able to engage these technologies to help us build a more relevant EZ Street product with portions of the mix containing 100% less fossil fuel derivatives. Delivering all of this at prices that are at parity to our existing cold asphalt is our commitment to helping major cities have sustainability plans right in the back of their trucks.
What exactly is it? The EZ Street product currently consists of liquid asphalt and its derivatives, proprietary additives, and carefully crushed and graded stone and sand. By replacing portions of the ingredients with naturally occurring fuels, and then re-using crushed asphalt particles, re-claimed from the same streets and roads we drive on, we’re able to construct a newly balanced mix - one that provides the performance you demand in the field, but one that also is a little less demanding on our energy supply.

  • Higher performance
  • First in its class
  • Better shelf life
  • Improved cold weather workability
  • Help your city, county, or state agency do its part to reduce dependence on oil

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