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Advanced formulas to keep car engines and transmissions running like new


Petro-Canada automotive lubricants provide protection and performance in all driving conditions. That's why many of the world's leading automakers rely on our motor oils and automatic transmission fluids. In fact, we are the world's leading supplier of factory fill automatic transmission fluids to major original equipment manufacturers.


Find the Passenger Car Motor Oils to suit your needs


SUPREME™ Passenger Car Motor Oil – protects against thermal breakdown, oxidation and wear


SUPREME Synthetic Passenger Car Motor Oil – our most advanced motor oil, formulated to protect longer under severe driving conditions and temperature extremes


Find out more about our Automotive Fluids and Lubricants


DuraDrive™ MV Synthetic ATF – a full synthetic multi-vehicle ATF suitable for use in a wide range of North American, Asian and European transmissions


DEXRON®-VI – delivers twice the service life of former DEXRON®-III ATFs and is the new standard for all GM transmissions


ATF+4® – offers optimal shift efficiency and excellent oxidation and shear stability in Chrysler transmissions


ATF D3M – demonstrates exceptional oxidation and thermal stability for long service life where former DEXRON®-III type fluids are recommended


Heavy Duty Synthetic Blend ATF – formulated for commercial and heavy duty transmission systems


DURON™ Heavy Duty Engine Oils – protect vital parts, for cleaner engines and fewer change-outs


TRAXON™ Automotive Gear Oils – give better gear protection to save you money

Automotive Gear Fluid – for most manual transmissions, differentials, power take-off units and final drives for passenger cars, trucks, and off-highway vehicles


PRECISION™ Greases – deliver greater purity, durability and performance

Transmission/Drive Train Fluids – for even the toughest performance needs

Transmission/Hydraulic Fluids – lasts up to three times longer and has up to two times better wear protection than the leading global hydraulic oil brand


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It takes the finest Industrial Lubricants to work tough under extreme conditions


As the temperature drops and the night runs long and cold, that's when the real work begins. Unnecessary equipment wear can mean breakdowns — miles from nowhere. Petro-Canada lubricants, made for the most extreme conditions, help prevent costly downtime by protecting your equipment, and your bottom-line.

Discover Petro-Canada lubricants for industrial, heavy machineries,drilling and oil fields

DURON™ Heavy Duty Engine Oils last longer to protect vital engine parts, for cleaner engines and fewer change-outs

VULTREX™ Rock Drill Oils achieve proven performance in very cold temperatures

HYDREX™ Hydraulic Fluids provide long-lasting, high-performance protection

ENVIRON™ Hydraulic Fluids provide more protection to sensitive environments, without compromising performance

PUREDRILL™ Drill Mud Fluid is specially formulated for the demanding conditions of onshore drilling and performs better than diesel

COMPRO™ Compressor Fluids provide stronger resistance to oxidation breakdown than leading mineral oil based fluids

SPX™ Hydrocarbon Compressor Oils offer excellent lubricating and cooling for reciprocating and rotary screw compressors

NGS™ Synthetic Compressor Fluid is specially designed for flooded screw compressors

ENDURATEX™ Gear Oils are designed for enclosed industrial gears working under severe load conditions and/or extreme temperatures

PRECISION™ Greases are ideal for applications in a wide range of equipment, delivering durability and performance

VULTREX™ Specialty Greases are formulated for Oil Field Drilling operations

PEERLESS™ Greases extend service life under the most extreme temperatures

Synthetic Blend Automatic Transmission Fluids ensure top performance in a wide range of equipment

Heavy Duty Synthetic Blend Automatic Transmission Fluids are formulated for maximum performance in commercial and heavy duty transmissions

DEXRON®-VI Automatic Transmission Fluids meet General Motors' latest fill specifications

ATF+4® Automatic Transmission Fluids are designed for Daimler Chrysler automatic transmissions

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Power Equipment Oils & Fluids
Food Grade Lubricants

Power Generation

Power Generation Products to maximize equipment uptime

High temperatures, pressure swings, extreme conditions — these are all standard conditions for the power generation industry. But they’re tough on the life, maintenance and productivity of your equipment — and even tougher on your bottom line. That’s why Petro-Canada has developed a full line of top-performing greases, oils and fluids for power generation to increase your productivity and cut operating costs.

Discover Petro-Canada lubricants for power generation

TURBOFLO™ Turbine Fluids protect the high-speed bearings found in stationary gas turbines

HARNEX™ Wind Turbine Gear Oil protects through tough conditions to reduce downtime and maintenance costs

SENTRON™ Natural Gas Engine Oils lubricate natural gas engines, offering longer service life and cleaner engines with less wear

CALFLO™ Heat Transfer Fluids give dependable performance over a wide temperature range

LUMINOL™ Electrical Insulating Fluids withstand the harsh conditions endured by transformers

PURITY FG: Food-Safe Lubricants (for incidental contact) for the tough conditions in your plant

Petro-Canada's PURITY™ food-grade lubricants are designed for many applications in food processing plants. These specially formulated food-grade lubricants are effective under severe food processing operating conditions — from food acids and juices to by-products and temperature swings.

Meets Among The Highest Food-Grade Lubricant Standards

Our food-grade lubricants and greases fit perfectly into a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) and GMP plan, and carry a full set of food-grade lubricant and grease credentials including NSF H1 lubricants with incidental contact requirements.

Less Re-Greasing

PURITY FG greases resist water washout, water jet spray and most sterilizing chemicals used in cleaning, better than many competitive food-grade greases. That reduces the downtime needed for re-greasing.

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